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Careers with CPC

Careers with CPC


As of the end of 2021, CPC had 16,293 employees. In order to fully develop their potential, CPC provides long-term training and career guidance, while at the same time making both incentives and benefits more attractive. CPC has also actively discovered managerial talent in order to facilitate corporate development with talented people of outstanding ability.

Integration of talent selection and training to facilitate corporate development

In terms of human resource utilization, CPC has recently engaged in organizational and process reengineering, as well as formulating and carrying out a policy whereby selected employees are rotated through different jobs, units and departments, in order to use its human capital effectively. It has also actively recruited a cohort of young professionals to both inject new blood and to provide a smooth transfer of technical and operational knowledge, as well as commercial and competitive skills, in order to increase competitiveness of its employees and prepare for a wave of retirements.

In addition to using professional qualifications and personal traits as the basis for the selection of entrants to its supervisors, CPC provides management and leadership development training to help its employees achieve their full potential and contribute to accomplishing corporate growth objectives. At the same time, the company is strengthening its on-the-job training programs at all levels, and has integrated pre-existing training systems into the establishment of the CPC Corporate University (CPCCU). This system offers beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses in exploration, refining, marketing and engineering areas-the four key areas comprising CPC’s core competencies. CPC has systematically enhanced specific professional expertise for employees through experiences passed on by senior employees, which has helped them develop a broader range of skills for optimization of workforce utilization. The company also encourages its employees to take national qualification examinations in skills and helps them to obtain professionally-required certification in industrial safety, environmental protection, and other relevant disciplines. In the context of its corporate transformation process, the company is also strengthening its secondary-skill training programs. Beyond this, employees are selectively sent abroad for higher education, research assignments and internships, as well as to participate in conferences and seminars on a range of topics.

Experience passing on and professional talent cultivation

Considering that CPC has hired new employees in recent years, on-the-job training is now combined with formal skills development courses. Senior employees are also designated as mentors to help new colleagues adapt to their workplace and responsibilities. These new employees are rotated, with job training provided, allowing them to gain experience in a wide range of positions and develop their talent at every level. Seniority requirements in consideration for promotion have been shortened for outstanding managers, lowering the age distribution in the upper management echelons, and thus helping to motivate those with ambition. With regard to employee training, each department reviews its professional-skill shortfalls at the beginning of the year and formulates a corresponding training plan in which outstanding personnel are recruited as instructors and tasked with passing on their operational knowledge and experience. Some departments also make on-site or outside training arrangements for their younger employees, lasting from several weeks up to a year, depending on departmental needs. Following the trend of e-learning, various knowledge elements and physical courses have also been digitized and uploaded to CPC’s knowledge base and e-learning center. This helps CPC to not only preserve, share and pass on core knowledge, techniques, and experiences, but also facilitate their value-adding applications. With the application of digital technology, multiple learning programs based on virtual-physical technology integration are developed step-by-step to help employees learn related knowledge and expertise anytime, anywhere.

The CPC Training Center (CPCTC), located in Chiayi, not only serves as an incubator for internal talent and a hub for passing on experience, but it is also tasked with building a talent pool of energy and petrochemical expertise. In compliance with the government’s New Southbound Policy and Energy Consumption, Energy Saving, Carbon Reduction and Digital Transformation strategies, CPC has not only recruited professional talent with engineering, investment, trading, and management backgrounds for these business activities, but also expanded domestic and overseas government-industry-university-institute collaboration, and actively formulated various courses in pre-employment training and on-the-job training for talent in various fields, in order to maximize its contribution to the cultivation of energy and petrochemical talents for our country.

Fostering a caring and warm workplace, Providing various employee benefits for education and entertainment

In terms of employee incentives and benefits, the policy of CPC is to award an annual bonus on the basis of overall corporate performance as well as the scale of contribution and performance of the job of the individual employee. All employees are covered by national health insurance, civil servant insurance, labor insurance, group life insurance and accident insurance. Consolation and compassionate payments are made in cases of job-related injuries, disability or death, and employee welfare committees organize a variety of welfare and entertainment activities.

CPC also operates clinics, restaurants, libraries, general stores and other welfare amenities for its employees, along with sports facilities, such as swimming pools, various ball parks and gyms, at or near the workplace. There are scholarships for employees’ children; educational loans for dependents attending college and university; medical subsidies for employees and their family members; wedding, funeral and retirement subsidies; and interest-free emergency loans. The company also supports employee group activities dedicated to baseball, bridge, mountain climbing, swimming, painting, film watching and other leisure pursuits, in order to provide physical and mental relaxation, boosting their morale and sense of well-being at work.

With regard to employee assistance programs, CPC has provided its employees with multiple services in order to boost their morale, and to assist them in solving and preventing problems that affect their work performance. Through diverse health enhancement measures, CPC has created a warm, caring work environment and fostered a business culture of healthy interaction to increase its competitiveness.

CPC has also worked hard to implement a variety of measures to promote gender equality and has actively designed related practices to create a gender-friendly workplace. CPC will continue to increase the number of female employees and change gender stereotypes in this industry in order to achieve gender equality in CPC.