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Taiwan Sugar Corporation allied with CPC Group – State-Run enterprises collaborate to create a win-win situation.

22 Aug 2023

The 73 gas stations operated by Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar) announced their merger with the CPC Group on August 22, 2023. They have aligned their corporate identity system (CIS) to the red, white and blue logo of CPC, and the gas stations will also accept the CPC pay system and CPC membership cards. In addition, they will also sell their merchandise under the CPC label. The alliance of two state-run enterprises – Taisugar and CPC – will provide consumers with the best services, creating a win-win situation.

CPC has said that it appreciates Taisugar’s long-term support of the CPC brand. The CIS of CPC is red, white and blue, symbolizes “hospitable services,” “pure and perfect products,” and “infinite contributions to the country and society.” Insisting on the operational goals of “first-class quality, first-class service, and optimal contributions” it is believed that after Taisugar joins the CPC Group, collaboration will reach new heights.