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CPC, Taiwan wins two awards from the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards, AREA, with President and Chairman Shun-Chin Lee also winning Responsible Business Leadership award

1 Jul 2023

The winners’ list of the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) was announced on July 1, 2023. CPC, Taiwan won the “Corporate Sustainability Reporting” and “Investment in People” awards. Shun-Chin Lee, Chairman, also won the “Responsible Business Leadership” award. CPC, Taiwan has long regarded the creation of values in Environment, Social, and Governance as long-term goals, and has now won the awards among the participants from other Asian countries for four consecutive years.


    Chairman Shun-Chin Lee was the first person in the state operated businesses to win the “Responsible Business Leadership” award in Taiwan. The recognition of Lee is of great encouragement to the transformation of the petrochemical industry. Confronted with the government’s vision of zero emission and the challenge of energy transformation, Chairman Lee has proposed the four core concepts of “safety, stability, innovation, and harmony” to promote transformation through research and development to achieve the three targets of “excellent oil, carbon reduction, and clean power.” With the 17 SDGs of UN as its goals of transformation, CPC, under Chairman Lee’s leadership, has significantly contributed to the economy and environment of Taiwan. Through R&D and innovation, CPC will continue to promote corporate social responsibility to achieve the new vision of being a Clean Power Company.