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From 0 to ∞ – CPC’s new generation of energy: The launching of the Guangming Charging Station Complex in Hsinchu

21 Apr 2023

A new self-operated and self-constructed rapid charging station was installed at the Guangming Parking Lot in Hsinchu at the end of 2022. This follows the establishment of a charging station complex for electric vehicles, with the cooperation with Fulin Gas Station in Taipei, at the end of 2021. On April 21, 2023 the launching ceremony titled “From 0 to ∞ – CPC’s new generation of energy” was held. The rapid charging station is equipped with charging platforms and charging piles operated using the “CPC Pay” App. It also announced that CPC has engaged in the business electric vehicle charging services.


    The Hsinchu Guangming Charging Station Complex is located in the parking lot next to the Hsinchu Guangmin Gas Station. Managed with a license plate recognition system, the charging station is equipped with a 200kW parallel rapid charging point and three 100kW parallel rapid charging points (including CCS1 and CCS2, a total eight plugs). In addition, there are four single 7kW charging points at lower speed. The charging points fit vehicles of both American and European standards. Chairman Lee demonstrated how to use the “CPC Pay” app to charge a vehicle and complete payment for charging costs, and would like to welcome vehicle owners to use the “CPC Pay” app, register their vehicle for charging membership, and to charge their cars here.