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EIA Conference Approves Extension to Third LNG Receiving Terminal Project. CPC will Endeavor to Consolidate its Commitment to the Third Receiving Project and Co-prosperity with the Environment

8 Apr 2022

At the EIA Conference held by the Environmental Protection Administration on March 2, 2022, Lee Shun-Chin, President and Acting Chairman of the Board of CPC Corporation, Taiwan said that he was grateful to the members of the EIA committee for their comments and suggestions on the Third Receiving Extension Project. When CPC constructs the Extension, it will protect the shores and seas around Datan to establish a Third Receiving Industrial Town, which is to become a green bay that protects the coral reefs, reduce air pollution and provide a stable power supply. It will not only maintain a regional balance in gas supply but also provide natural gas to the gas power plants nearby. They will also back-up each other, constituting the key to a stable gas and power supply.