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Celebrating Earth Day: CPC Offers Saplings to the Public and Calls For Plastic Reduction and Environmental Conservation

17 Apr 2024

To mark Earth Day, CPC organized the "Net-Zero & Cut Plastic Use: Forests for Earth" tree-planting initiative on April 20, 2024, with the campaign being held across 100 of its gas stations nationwide. The public were invited to exchange receipts or recycled batteries for saplings, promoting environmental sustainability for future generations. This annual tree-planting event, now in its 16th year, has consistently garnered enthusiastic participation and praise from the public.

As CPC progresses towards clean energy transition, it remains committed to fulfilling its ESG corporate social responsibility by engaging in environmental protection and conservation efforts. Each year, in observance of Earth Day on April 22nd, CPC initiates tree-planting activities, aiming to expand its impact starting from a single sapling. CPC encourages everyone to join the tree-planting movement, promoting green landscaping at home and greening the environment collectively for a better Earth.