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The Exploration & Production Research Institute, Green Technology Research Institute, and Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute of CPC announced their research results

21 Dec 2023

The “2023 Presentation of Research Results by Three Institutes” was held at the Exploration & Production Research Institute in Miaoli. Inviting representatives from the industry, government, academia, and research institutes, the three research institutes of the CPC – Exploration, Green Energy, and Refining – presented their research results of CPC’s three transition strategies to reach net-zero emissions by 2050: “quality oil,” “carbon reduction,” and “clean energy”.

The highlights of the presentation included oil exploration technology, oil refinery safety, and the development of battery materials and power storage, in the areas of “public communication of carbon capture and storage,” “action lab of oil pollution,” “the introduction of CPC’s future hydrogen production, storage, consumption, and refill stations,” “research and development of safe, high efficacy lithium-ion battery materials and mass production,” “the application of Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) water technology,” and “hyaluronic acid shower gel x amino acid shampoo.” With the presentation of these findings, CPC demonstrated its research capabilities in different sectors.