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New book, Translation at Kaohsiung Oil Refinery (published by CPC) reanimates the glory of Shisui Monthly, telling the stories of the dedications of the translators across three generations

16 Dec 2023

Co-sponsored by CPC and Soochow University, the presentation of the new book Translation at Kaohsiung Oil Refinery: 60 Translated Works by 30 Translators was held, celebrating the efforts to promote the translation of literary works by Shisui Monthly, first published on May 1, 1950. With translated works as the majority of its content, CPC financed the purchasing of books in foreign languages and encouraged staff to translate parts of their contents. After the launching of Shisui, it has received high acclaim. It even reached the climax of releasing ten thousand copies per month. Issued for thirty-eight years, it has introduced world literature and scientific knowledge by major authors and scientists worldwide, nurturing the minds of people in Taiwan for three generations. 

Author Daphne Qi-rong Chang is currently an assistant professor at Soochow University. With Shisui as the topic for her Ph.D. dissertation, Chang explored the stories of the translators of Shisui through the collaboration of CPC and Soochow University. Collecting the materials and conducting interviews for a decade, she completed the book Translation at Kaohsiung Oil Refinery, remembering the glory of Shisui.