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CPC makes clean sweep of prizes in the “Gas Station Category” of the Outstanding Public Toilet Awards sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment

8 Dec 2023

In the award presentation ceremony for the “2023 Outstanding Public Toilet Contest,” sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, Executive Yuan, nine of CPC’s gas stations made a clean sweep of all the prizes in the “Gas Station Category” for their quality of public toilets, including Dapu Gas Station, Puxin Gas Station, Yuanshan Gas Station, Nanzhuang Gas Station, Nanmenqiao Gas Station, Changhua Gas Station, Siraya Gas Station, Changzhi Gas Station, and Chishang Gas Station. Chishang Gas Station especially is located in a popular sightseeing resort in Taitung, with many visitors passing through every day. To promote the public toilet’s environment, it integrated the elements of the scenic spots in Chishang and local culture.

For years, CPC has promoted our public toilet culture, in response to the UN’s World Toilet Day, by sponsoring the “Convenient to Take Relief at CPC” concept, with which our public toilet culture is promoted in all the CPC gas stations around the country, demonstrating the achievements of CPC’s endeavors in the preferment of public toilets in Taiwan.