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CPC wins 11 prizes at the 20th National Brand Yushan Awards, breaking record for number of awards won

25 Oct 2023

The 20th National Brand Yushan Award presentation ceremony was held in the evening of October 24, 2023. In addition to the highest honor – First Prize in the Outstanding Enterprise category – CPC won 10 other awards. More importantly, it also won the First Prize in the category Best Product with its modified asphalt, earning the highest number of awards. Chairman Lee Shun-Chin and President Fang Jeng-Zen received the awards, presented by Taiwan’s Vice-President Lai Ching-Te and Public Construction Committee Deputy Minister Yan Jeou-Rong, on behalf of CPC at the Guoguang Hall in the CPC Building. CPC would like to thank the encouragement and acclaim from the different sectors. Promising to continuously improve its operations, it will deepen its industrial cooperation. With research and development as the driving force, it will transform to meet the goal of net-zero emissions.

CPC endeavors to become a diverse, innovative, and sustainable clean power company. The 11 awards won by CPC in this contest are the highest assertion of its transformation. In the future, it will insist on the spirit of standing firm in Taiwan to link with the international arena. Envisioning the opportunity of development, it will develop the brand value of its products, steadily approaching the goal of net-zero emissions.