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Grand opening of Infant Daycare Center for CPC employees provides a friendly workplace and quality infant daycare environment.

12 Oct 2023

To implement the “Construction of Public Infant Daycare in Communities Plan 2.0” of the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program of the Executive Yuan, and to consolidate employee welfare, the CPC Employees’ Welfare Committee has established an infant daycare center at the CPC Building in Taipei. The opening ceremony on October 12 was attended by Chairman Lee Shun-Chin, President Fang Jeng-Zen, CPC Spokesperson Chang Ray-Chung, CPC Trade Union Director Chen Chia-Lin, and the Executive Director of the Fifth Branch, Bi Li-Chen. The daycare center will provide an ideal learning environment and activity space for infants up to the age of two years. Constructing a friendly workplace, CPC is enthusiastic in providing trustworthy infant daycare service for its employees, allowing them to work  worry-free. 

The center is to be operated by the experienced “New Taipei City Infant Daycare Association” for the Employees’ Welfare Committee. The overall layout uses an elephant as its motif, it has a warm and child-friendly environment, making it a very comfortable and safe childcare space for the children of CPC employees.