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CPC Gives back to society and won ACES Community Initiatives Award- Promoting Public Toilet Culture at gas stations in Taiwan

CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC), an over-70-year-old leading corporation in the axis of Taiwan energy industry, was awarded the Community Initiatives Award at the 2022 Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards.

CPC's scope of business is dealing with all aspects of oil and natural gas throughout Taiwan. This includes exploration and production, procurement and imports, refining, storage and transportation, marketing and sales, and the production of petrochemical raw materials, making the company an integral component of the Taiwan energy industry.

On the community front, CPC's primary community care initiatives and overarching community care strategy include care for the underprivileged and communities, green charity activities, and environmental education and promotion, with the ultimate goal of creating a harmonious society.

CPC's involvement in the community is demonstrated by their social responsibility, actively caring for disadvantaged groups, building their "Kind Gas Stations", and protecting disadvantaged group's developments. In education, CPC continues their industry-academic cooperation with local universities, establishing Xiao Gang High School science class and continuously creating more successful University Corporate Social Responsibility (UCSR) examples.

CPC is committed to promoting the culture of public toilets in Taiwan, and employs public toilets to realize CPC's business philosophy of "Supreme Quality, Superb Service, and Selfless Contribution." The public toilets at CPC are an important part of gas station operations and have been recognized by the competent authorities for their overall Super-excellent grades. During the Covid-19 pandemic, CPC still opened the door for the convenience of people and insisted on the provision of service. On November 19, 2021, CPC called on 1,899 CPC self-operated and franchised stations to join the World Toilet Day-Valuing Toilets initiative and participated in cleaning public toilets, and was awarded a certificate by the World Toilet Organization, which was recorded on the webpage of the United Nations. CPC will continue to lead its supply chain partners to contribute to the sustainable management of water and sanitation in UN SDG 6! We will also continue to respond to the initiatives of the World Toilet Organization and tell the world, "Who Cares About Toilets? CPC Cares!"

"CPC Corporation, Taiwan –To provide customers with supreme quality, reliable energy supplies and services as a key contribution to Taiwan's economic prosperity."

SOURCE CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC)