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CPC was honored three awards of the “2022 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards” (TSAA)

12  Aug  2022

The winners of the “2022 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards (TSAA)”, which was set up by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, were announced on August 12, 2022. The CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) won gold, silver and bronze awards, demonstrating the sustainable development of the state-owned enterprise. Mr. Lee Shun-chin, Chairman of CPC, received the awards from Mr. Lai Ching-te, the Vice-President of Republic of China (Taiwan).

The “CPC Net Zero and Sustainable Transformation Acceleration Plan” project was awarded gold, the highest honor of TSAA. This project described that CPC has planned three major net-zero strategies and road map including: “optimizing refining operation”, “reducing carbon emission”, and “developing clean energy” in order to fast achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. The “CPC Overseas Sustainable Track” project, which was won the silver award, indicated that CPC feedback to the local region to promote and help lay the foundation of the economic development in Chad in the self-operated Block in Chad. The “CPC gas stations, going to the toilet is easy” project, which won bronze, stated that CPC is dedicated to cultivating a public toilet culture in Taiwan that provides busy people with clean and hygienic toilets during the pandemic.