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CPC creates Slow Learning, Carefully Working workplace, and guards the Slow -Flying Angels which won the first prize in the "Education Promotion Category" of the "Global Views Monthly" Corporate Social Responsibility Award

                                                                                                                                                                           3 May 2022

The 18th "Global Views Monthly" CSR and ESG Corporate Social Responsibility Award was held this afternoon (May 3rd). CPC has created a friendly workplace environment for Slow-Flying Angels(Developmental Delay, DD) with slow learning and careful working environment for many years. CPC "Guarding Slow-Flying Angels Spreading their Wings to fly" project won the first prize in the "Outstanding Project Category - Education Promotion Category", which is definitely for the care and dedication of the Developmental Delay people, the Chairman Lee Shun-Chin attended the ceremony to receive the award.


"Global Views Monthly" CSR and ESG Corporate Social Responsibility Award is a highly credible CSR evaluation. Through rigorous written reviews and final selection briefings, CPC stood out from 228 outstanding proposals from seven groups and 123 companies and won the first prize.


CPC started to employ Slow-Flying Angels(Developmental Delay, DD)  to refueling services more than 20 years ago, and gradually extended to services such as car washing and CUP&GO coffee, always insisting on creating a slow-learning, careful and friendly workplace for the Slow-Flying Angels, and giving three guarantees to them, including the same benefits as others; when working in the station, they will not be bullied in the workplace and receive special treatment, thus providing a good working environment to Developmental Delay people.


Over the years, CPC has accompanied many Slow-Flying Angels to spread their wings to fly, from 14 to 15-year-old special education interns to work-study students. After graduation, the contract will continue to be renewed, and their job will be stable until retirement, and the experience accumulated over the years, the original "counselor training mechanism", taught by the Station Master and senior angels, leading them to learn the professional skills, process and steps, and cultivate them to provide high-quality services that are no less than ordinary employees. This project enables Slow-Flying Angels to have a skill and build up the ability to take care of themselves and earn a living.


Over the years, the Slow-Flying Angel project has been widely recognized by all walks of life, and CPC has also been awarded by the Ministry of Education as a model manufacturer of off-campus internships and employment for students with Developmental Delay. Under the predicament of low birth rate and lack of labor in the industry, Slow-Flying Angels were incorporated into the company's team and trained to add a new force to the front line of the gas stations.


CPC joins hands with all stakeholders to make good use of the persistent nature of Slow-Flying Angels to transform them into professional workers, and inspire self-sufficiency and self-confidence and self-esteem as grassroots professionals in the workplace, and at the same time let everyone feel their kindness and sincerity. CPC welcomes everyone to visit the "Kindness Gas Station" of the Slow-Flying Angels, and let the gas stations that can be seen everywhere in life become a bridge connecting you and me with love and care for the Slow-Flying group.