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CPC won Top Sustainability Advocates in Asia and Outstanding Leaders in Asia from the prestigious ACES Awards

19 Nov 2021

CPC Corporation is a state-owned company in Taiwan that has served the country for 75 years, and business covering oil, gas and petrochemical products.

With regards to the company’s priority environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact areas, CPC plays its part based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Taiwan Sustainable Development Goals, and at the same time, incentivises its stakeholders to contrive win-win situations towards a more sustainable future.

These ESG impact areas are identified and managed based on such constituents: Environmental - the enforcement of clean production and environmental protection, and an effective use of resources, including water and energy, and advocacy for environmental protection with full transparency as short-, medium- and long-term goals are subsequently set; Social-an emphasis on social responsibility and the expansion of service scope and uphold the original philosophy of "take from society, give back to society", and prosper with all stakeholders; and Governance - the research and development of various business areas, and while adhering to government regulations and international standards, continuing to drive corporate growth and operating performance with the ESG considerations further implicated across its product and service design and delivery as well as its corresponding value chain through rigorous criteria and evaluations.

Acting Chairman and President Shun-Chin Lee makes work safety a priority at CPC Corporation, Taiwan to ensure a stable and trustworthy company that cares for people.

As Acting Chairman today, Lee is also faced with the huge task of strengthening the company’s energy transition efforts in line with Taiwan’s carbon reduction commitments. Armed with the four core business concepts of CPC – safety, stability, innovation, and harmony – Lee is committed to leading the company towards making its greatest contribution to Taiwan’s economy and ecology. He aims to achieve these responsibilities through continuous investment in R&D and innovation, en route towards a diversified transformation for the CPC brand.

   With Lee’s hard-earned recognition as the first corporate leader of Taiwan’s public and private enterprises to win the ACES Award for Outstanding Leaders in Asia, CPC stands as a beacon for other Taiwanese companies to seek international acclaim to boost the nation’s presence as well as their own reputation.

“CPC Corporation, Taiwan –To provide customers with supreme quality, reliable energy supplies and services as a key contribution to Taiwan’s economic prosperity.”