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The Establishment of “Advanced Catalyst Center” by the Refining and Manufacturing Research Institute, CPC Corporation, Taiwan to Promote the Localization of the Catalyst Industry

21 Jun 2021

In coping with the government’s “localization of the catalyst industry” promotion, CPC Corp  Taiwan    established the “Advanced Catalyst Center” at the Refining and Manufacturing Research Institute in Chiayi City. On the morning of February 24, 2021, industry-government-academe-research units were invited to jointly participate in the inauguration ceremony. Promoting the catalyst industry is an important key to the government’s promotion of circular economy, energy conservation, environmental protection and green products. Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Tseng Wen-Sheng was personally present to preside over the inauguration ceremony, explain to people of all walks of life and proclaim the government’s promotion determination and direction.

During the ceremony, the “MOU for Advanced Catalyst R&D Exchange Platform” was signed with the Academia Sinica. With the center positioned as the demonstration base of the next generation of smart production, digital and AI technology are introduced and a smart factory environment is built. The Academia Sinica will be responsible for catalyst design and development, the Industrial Technology Research Institute will be responsible for catalyst synthesis and trial mass production bases; the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre will be responsible for equipment intelligentization, the CSC Group Himag Magnetics Corporation under the China Steel Corporation (CSC) will be responsible for the trial mass production of denitration catalyst and CPC Corporation, Taiwan will be responsible for catalyst development and performance testing bases, thereby building Taiwan’s very own catalyst industry in concerted efforts.