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CPC won eight prizes of the National Brand Yushan Award include two National First Prize with the 95 Unleaded Gasoline and Smart & Green e-Stations

22 Oct 2021

The National Brand Yushan Award was presented in the evening yesterday (21). CPC has won eight major awards this year include the "Best Popular Brand Award"–"95 Unleaded Gasoline" and "Best Product Award"- "Carbon Neutral LNG", "CPC Life Exquisite Car Wash", "Diamond Water", "Smart & Green e-Station" and "Guoguang Brand SP Motor Oil Series Products".  CPC won two National First Awards, namely the National First Award for Best Popular Brand "95 Unleaded Gasoline" and the National First Award for Best Product "Smart & Green e-Stations".


The National Brand Yushan Award is one of the most important awards in the domestic industry. CPC has won many awards over the years, and this year it has won eight major awards. The Acting Chairman and President Lee Shun-Chin received the award on the behalf of the company, which is equivalent to national brand certification.


“95 Unleaded Gasoline” has been on the market for more than 31 years, and it is the most popular oil product in Taiwan. For many years, CPC has strictly controlled the volume and quality of gasoline. Every batch of gasoline has been targeted at CNS national quality standards, which is more in line with the advanced countries in the world. Quality requirements, in addition to having low sulfur content and environmentally friendly characteristics, low olefin content can also reduce pollution and improve engine performance (horsepower and fuel consumption), which is deeply recognized and trusted by consumers in today's market. Additionally, in the oil refining process, the leading industry has changed from oil fuel to gas, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and actively protecting Taiwan’s land and homes. Despite the impact of green energy, the 95 Unleaded Gasoline has opened up a new generation of clean and efficient transportation. Its good oil quality and exquisite refueling service have endured in the hearts of Taiwanese people. It was the main reason why CPC was awarded the first prize of the best popular brand.


CPC won the Best Product Award this year with five products and services: "Carbon Neutral Natural LNG", "CPC_Life Exquisite Car Wash", "Diamond Water", "Smart & Green e-Stations", and "Guoguang Brand SP Motor Oil Series Products". The "Smart & Green e-Stations" won the first prize of the Best Product Award.  CPC is looking at the new era of energy through R&D and cooperation, and builds solar photovoltaic systems in gas station, energy storage systems, and electric car charging and swap stations were installed at the gas stations, with smart energy management system adjustments. CPC combined the three main axes of "energy production, energy storage, energy consumption", and is looking forward to gradually reaching a symbiotic micro-grid smart community.


CPC continues to strive for excellence in its industry, from 95 Unleaded Gasoline, Gas station Car Wash Services to Guoguang brand SP motor oil, and then witness the value of CPC from the quality; responding to the trend of green transformation, from diamond water, Smart & Green e-Stations to carbon-neutral LNG carriers also demonstrate CPC's green transformation ambitions with technology as the core, circular economy as the foundation, innovation and R&D as the driving force, and low-carbon energy as the path, to create sustainability together with stakeholders, and always cheer for Taiwan!