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CPC Corporation, Taiwan won 9 TCSA awards, continuing to hit a record high for state-owned enterprises

18 Nov 2020

The winners’ list of the “2020 TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award” organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy was announced today (18). CPC Corporation, Taiwan won the “Comprehensive Performance Award-Taiwan TOP50 Sustainability Corporate Award” and “Corporate Sustainability Report Awards-Energy Industry Platinum Award” and 7 “Excellent Project Awards”-“Innovative Growth Award”, “Talent Development Award”, “Social Inclusion Award”, “Gender Equality Award”, “Climate Leadership Award”, “Sustainable Water Management Award” and the “Circular Economy Leadership Award” totally counted for 9 awards. The number of awards continued to hit a record high. Chairman Dr. Jerry J.R. Ou attended the awards ceremony and shared the glory with all colleagues.

   The “TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award” is the most representative sustainability benchmark award in the domestic sustainability management field and sustainability report evaluations. It encourages companies to improve corporate sustainability and strengthen corporate governance; in addition to pursuing economic performance, at the same time, inspires companies to be environment-friendly and attaches importance to a public welfare society, and has received enthusiastic responses from all aspects of society.

    The number of companies participating in TCSA awards reached a new high of 252. CPC Corporation, Taiwan still stands out from many competitors and continues to lead the best performance in state-owned enterprises. It has won nine awards in three categories, and the number of awards is among the best, showing that CPC Corporation, Taiwan’s continuous efforts in sustainable business operations, effective communication with stakeholders, and business results in all aspects are again recognized and praised by the outside world. Chairman Dr. Jerry J.R. Ou, on behalf of CPC Corporation, Taiwan, thanked all stakeholders for their support. CPC Corporation, Taiwan will uphold the business philosophy of “Supreme Quality, best Service, and the greatest Contribution”, diligently continue to improve, and implement the “UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” and “Taiwan Sustainable Development Goals”, and expect to work with all stakeholders to create a win-win situation for the environment, economy and society, and to bring a better and more sustainable future.