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CPC Corporation, Taiwan double-wins Industry Champions of the Year and Top Workplaces in Asia from the prestigious ACES Awards and has been shortlisted in two successive years

10 Nov 2020

CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC), an over-70-year-old leading corporation in the axis of Taiwanese energy industry, was awarded the Industry Champions of the Year Award and Top Workplaces in Asia Award at the 2020 Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards.

CPC’s scope of business is dealing with all aspects of oil and natural gas throughout Taiwan. This includes exploration and production, procurement and imports, refining, storage and transportation, marketing and sales, and the production of petrochemical raw materials, making the company an integral component of the Taiwanese energy industry.

CPC Corporation, Taiwan was honored with Industry Champions of the Year Award. The 74-year-old company’s business facilities distribute throughout Taiwan and runs business in 15 countries and 4 continents. In 1999, the Taiwanese government liberalized the domestic oil market, thus giving rise to fierce competition from the domestic plastic industry leaders and international gas station brands. However, 20 years after the liberation, CPC still maintains its status as a market-leading brand, with an 80 percent share in the domestic market. CPC has had the highest net profit among Taiwanese state-owned enterprises for the third straight years (2017-2019) and is ranked 394 in the 2019 and 409 in 2020 of the Fortune Global 500.

CPC trains employees on a wide range of expertise to help them develop the skills needed for their career path. CPC University and E-College were created as enforcement to help employees moving forward. The average training hours per employee was 61 hours in 2019. The average job tenure for employees of all ages is 18.8 years and average years of service at retirement is 39.6 years, with most of the employees that work for CPC staying loyal to the corporation until retirement. CPC was ranked among the top 20 “Best Employers 2019” by 1111 Job Bank and won 2019 “National Talent Development Awards” by the Executive Yuan.

“CPC Corporation, Taiwan –To provide customers with supreme quality, reliable energy supplies and services as a key contribution to Taiwan’s economic prosperity.”