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2020 CPC Art Exhibition – Welcome and be Immersed in the World of Art

26 Otc 2020

2020 CPC Art Exhibition – “Immersion in Art” was held at the 2nd Exhibition Hall, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall from October 9 to 18. In the exhibition, about one hundred artworks, including ink wash paintings, calligraphy, oil paintings, watercolor paintings and photographs of the employees, dependents and advisers  were displayed. Art lovers are welcomed to visit the exhibition.

CPC encourages employees to cultivate themselves in the humanities and art during  leisure time. They invite professional teachers to instruct them on artistic creation at their own expense. Teachers from the different areas are all very brilliant and teach students with patience and dedication. In ink wash painting, the instructors are Mr. Tu Tsan-lin and Ms. Hung Jui-hsia. Dr. Huang I-ming teaches calligraphy. Mr. Feng Wei-te teaches oil and watercolor painting.