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CPC Has Won Eight Prizes in the 17th National Brand Yushan Award, includes National First Prizes in Outstanding Enterprise and Best Product

08 Otc 2020

The 17th National Brand Yushan Award invited Vice President Lai Ching-te, President of the Legislative Yuan Yu Shyi-kun, and Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Tseng Wen-sheng to present the awards on the evening of the 17th National Brand Yushan Award Ceremony. CPC has won eight prizes in the 17th National Brand Yushan Award, includes National First Prizes in Outstanding Enterprise and Best Product. President Lee Shun-chin was highly affirmed for his stable leadership style of "safety, stability, innovation, and harmony". He was also awarded as an outstanding corporate leader and became the first state-owned enterprise leader to receive such an award.

The two products and two services of CPC this year have won the Best Product Awards. One of the award winners, "CPC-Pay" has won the first prize. It integrates membership point management and mobile payment, and provides multiple convenient services for smart transportation and life, as well as reduces the chance of contacting physical cards and banknotes during the epidemic period, and the average transactions per month have been more than 300,000 times. The Fluoropolymer has the surface protection function to high harsh weather, high corrosion resistance, high durability and high shock resistance and tear resistance; Guoguang Brand Marilube Oil has obtained multiple international certifications and is the only world-class Marilube Oil in Taiwan. In addition, CPC has made existing services technologically and independently developed patents for the electronic compound management system for tank trucks, and optimized operations through GPS to ensure the delivery of high-quality and scalar fuel.

The "National Brand Yushan Award" is an important benchmark for the domestic industry. It selects the most high-quality and competitive Taiwanese enterprises based on multiple aspects of "quality, brand, and taste". Since its establishment 74 years ago, CPC has fully fulfilled various policy tasks, and has made outstanding contributions to national finances and promoted the development of the petrochemical industry. In 2020, it has been ranked 409th on the Fortune Global 500 list.

Regarding the environment, CPC actively promotes waste reduction and environmental conservation, and is committed to green energy research and development and energy transition. At the same time, based on the spirit of repaying society, it invests in social care, energy education and community prosperity.

"No.1 in Quality, No.1 in Service, and No.1 in Contribution" is the business philosophy of CPC. The National Brand Yushan Award affirms the high quality, excellent service and corporate contribution of CPC's services and products, and fully witnesses and demonstrates CPC's business philosophy.