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Fill up your gas tank at CPC, mobile payments accepted

30 Sep 2019

The CPC Corporation, Taiwan endeavors to promote diverse payment options to cope with people’s consumption habits. When filling up gas at CPC gas stations throughout Taiwan, people can use credit cards, e-tickets, CPC VIP cards or NFC mobile payments. In addition, “CPC Pay,” an own-brand mobile payment tool, was launched in November 2019 to integrate the functions of the CPC co-brand credit card, member’s card and stored-value card.

To further provide people with diverse payment options and extended mobile payment services, starting from July 15, 2020 e-payment and third-party payment services are provided at non-self-service gas pumps at all CPC directly operated gas stations in Taiwan. Consumers can use LINE Pay (including LINE Pay Money), Pi Wallet, JKO Pay, O’Pay, GAMA Pay and other mobile payments by showing the bar codes or QR Codes to be scanned by CPC staff. Then, they can pay easily to enjoy the convenience of filling up gas at CPC.