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CPC Corporation, Taiwan soccer team announcing to the world - “Here we are!”

19 Aug 2020

“Here we are, world!”

CPC Corporation, Taiwan has supported Taiwan sports activities and backup soccer competitions for a prolonged period of time. On July 13, 2020, CPC announced the establishment of the “CPC Soccer Team” at Kaohsiung Refining Business Division Unit .The inaugural meeting was hosted by Chairman Jerry Ou. More than 200 people attended the meeting, including local sports lovers and representatives from the soccer sector. With passionate performance of songs and dance by CPC cheerleaders, after presenting the flag and kicking off the ball, the CPC Soccer Team was announced to be established officially.

 The soccer team consisted of local and international soccer players, trained by national-class coaches. After its establishment, it will compete with other soccer teams in the “Taiwan Football League Division 2” to be held in Taiwan for the first time. In the future, it aspires to become a team in the Premier League. The establishment of the soccer team represents CPC’s enthusiasm in supporting the government in the promotion of the sports industry in Taiwan with its actions. Cultivating brilliant national class athletes, CPC will lead top soccer players to excel in world class soccer games.