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The presentation of CPC new product – CPC Superfleet SP Motor Oil, the premium motor oil in the business

19 Aug 2020

On July 23, 2020, the CPC Corporation, Taiwan sponsored the presentation of the new CPC Superfleet SP Motor Oil. It announced the motor oil with the latest specifications to be launched in Taiwan as well as the international market simultaneously. The CPC Corporation, Taiwan pointed out that in May this year, the American Petroleum Institute (API) announced the new standards of certification for gasoline engines. Taiwan deployed it in advance to be licensed with API SP motor oil certification and presented whole new products. Demonstrating new innovation and production technology, the CPC takes the lead in Taiwan’s lubricating oil market, with the full capacity of being “No. 1.”

CPC Corporation, Taiwan indicated that the first batch of motor oil launched in the market are CPC 9000 SP Motor Oil 10W/40” and “CPC Racing SP Fully Synthetic Motor Oil 10W/40.” Motor oils with different viscosity and grades will be presented depending on the demand of the marketing channels. The new standard and quality control of CPC 9000 SP Motor Oil can satisfy not only the market demand in the future but also consumers’ trust for being the first choice in motor oil. It also welcomes car makers to entrust CPC to produce the motor oil suitable for their requirements.