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CPC Corporation, Taiwan endeavors to control air pollutant emission volume by importing equipment to help its inspection

11 May 2020

For a prolonged period, CPC Corporation, Taiwan has endeavored in the improvement in various aspects to decrease air pollutant emission by volume. Air-pollutant improvement plans have been completed gradually. In this year, it imported the infrared gas imaging camera to help its detecting the gas leakage, engaging in the upgrade of safety culture, early warning and emergency response. In the latter half of last year, CPC Corporation, Taiwan was active in promoting the Process Safety Management (PSM). Dedicated supervisors have been appointed to monitor disciplines, maintain equipment and improve and construct better systems to decrease the possibilities of violating environmental protection laws and regulations because of equipment malfunction, improper operation, and other reasons. Starting from this year, each unit has appointed designated personnel to examine the permits and operations of the equipment, aiming to ensure that each operating procedure follows the laws and regulations.