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CPC Corporation, Taiwan's first carbon neutral liquefied natural gas ship has arrived

21 Apr 2020

Regarding the first carbon neutral collaboration project between CPC Corporation, Taiwan and Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd., the LNG Tanker Grand Aniva sailed from Sakhalin, Russia and arrived at Kaohsiung Yongan Liquefied Natural Gas Plant on March 4, 2020, where it anchored and unloaded its shipment after a one-week voyage. It has been the first time for Taiwan to unload and receive carbon neutral liquefied natural gas. The unloaded and received volume was about 64 thousand metric tons of natural gas. It is estimated that from the mining at the gas field to the user end, the volume of carbon dioxide created is equivalent to about 240 thousand metric tons. The obtained carbon credit according to an international third-party certification is equivalent to the carbon sequestration volume of about 610 Taipei Daan Forest Parks for one year. It endeavors to contribute to the lowering of carbon pollutant emission significantly.