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The oil and gas quality of CPC Corporation, Taiwan surpasses CNS and exceeds European Union (EU) regulations

6 Apr 2020

CPC Corporation, Taiwan emphasized again today (April 1st) it exerts a very strict standard on the quality control of its oil and gas products, the supply of which have exceeded CNS (National Standards of the Republic of China) and are far superior than EU regulations. It has received high recognition from consumers and local and international awards for a long time which encouraged consumers to continue support and use the fine oil and gas products produced by CPC Corporation, Taiwan.

CPC Corporation, Taiwan expressed that the CNS guidelines of the quality gasoline and diesel are made mainly with reference to the highest local and international standards, such as EU, USA, etc. and the specifications of major automobile brands. It also makes references to the local transportation and weather conditions. Participants of making these specifications are scholars and experts from automobile manufacturers, oil companies, academe and power and environmental protection organizations of the government. Therefore, the current CNS specifications for gas and diesel are the most suitable for the consumption of local vehicle owners.