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“CPC Marilube Oil CO-1000 Plus” serial products gain validation from J-ENG

4 Oct 2021

“CPC Marilube Oil CO-1000” has gain popular recognition of its excellent quality through the sales worldwide. On June 21, 2021, The “CPC Marilube Oil CO-1000 Plus” serial products get a further step to be certificated by J-ENG (Japan Engine Corporation), representing a significant milestone that the quality of CPC’s Marilube Oil is equal to those of its international counterparts. To gain validation from J-ENG is testament to the strong performance of this product, it needs not only to meet J-ENG’s strict standard of specification testing, but also involves the extensive field tests including 4,000 hours performed on board a vessel to have the approval from WinGD (Swiss) and MAN ES (Dnamark, world leading engine maker). It is a tremendous performance.