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Assured by multiple awards throughout the year, the CPC Corporation, Taiwan works to develop sustainably

9 Mar 2020

The CPC Corporation , Taiwan has been supplying oil and gas energy steadily to satisfy internal needs for a prolonged period, promoting the development of related industries and helping boost Taiwan’s economic steam engine. By upgrading its competitiveness and improving the quality of its products, CPC has been recognized by winning awards in different fields. In this year, CPC won several awards in corporate image, product development, industrial safety and engineering. It has won the “No.1 Consumers’ Ideal Gas Station Brand in Taiwan” for 15 consecutive years sponsored by Management Magazine, the ”Trusted Brand Platinum Award” sponsored by the Reader’s Digest for 19 consecutive years, and four Prizes in the 16th National Brand Yushan Award. It endeavors to operate sustainably to create a win-win-win situation encompassing environmental protection, economic development and corporate social responsibility.