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CPC Corporation, Taiwan won two awards at the "2021 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards, AREA"

2 SEP 2021

CPC Corporation, Taiwan won the "Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA)” again this (2021) year, and won two awards, among which was the "Green Leadership Award" for promoting the "Smart & Green Demo e-Stations ". Furthermore, promoting social welfare in the Chad mining area in Africa, enhancing the local economy and improving the sanitation environment, won the "Social Empowerment Award", which shows that CPC Corporation, Taiwan has always adhered to the business philosophy of " Supreme Quality, Superb Service, and Selfless Contribution" for many years, focusing on the investment in corporate sustainable operation and corporate social responsibility. This effort has not only been affirmed by the society, but also highly appreciated by the jury panel of the AREA awards.

The "Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA)" has entered its eleventh year this year. Its purpose is to encourage companies in Asia to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities and to recognize companies with outstanding sustainability performance. This year, more than 110 companies across Asia participated in the competition for the award, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the awards ceremony was held online.

Facing the challenge of global green economic growth, CPC built four Smart & Green Demo e-Stations in Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern Taiwan since 2019 based on the three main axes of "energy creation", "energy storage", and "energy use". The installation of solar photovoltaic systems, energy storage systems, and electric car charging and swapping stations at CPC gas stations, combined with smart energy management systems to regulate electricity, showing the intention of ushering the era of green, smart, and symbiosis, and was awarded the "Green Leadership Award", which affirmed CPC’s leading contribution in this field.

The Chad mining area is currently the only overseas oil and gas mining area which is independently operated by CPC, and it welcomed its first barrel of oil at the beginning of last year. Over the years, CPC has not only invested in oil and gas exploration in Chad, but helped local people of Chad who have been suffering from poverty and disease, lack of food and insufficient basic education resources for a long time. CPC helped them build school buildings, provide scholarships for the students, and give children educational opportunities to turn their future. CPC also made good use of exploration expertise to drill wells, and introduced free clinics to increase health and improve the sanitary environment; in addition, CPC provided local job opportunities and skills which promoted and laid the foundation for Chad’s economic development. CPC was awarded the "Social Empowerment Award" for various charitable deeds promoted in Chad.

Looking forward to the future, apart from continuing to transform into a comprehensive and clean energy supply company, CPC will continue to convert challenges into opportunities through forward-looking layouts in a rapidly changing environment. CPC also hopes to integrate resources and expertise from all parties, and to throw away a brick in order to get a gem through various charity activities which promote the good circle of society and carry forward the sustainable spirit of Taiwanese enterprises.