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A double win for CPC: the Ministry of Culture's Arts and Business Award and 1111 Job Bank's Happy Business trophy

11 Dec 2019

CPC has for many years been a dedicatedly active supporter of the arts in Taiwan, along with the country’s unique national culture and its numerous sub-sets. Presentation of the Arts and Business Award by the Ministry of Culture, which will take place on December 19, 2019 at the 14th annual Arts and Culture Awards, is in recognition of that outstanding example of corporate social responsibility. And not only that: CPC puts a lot of effort into creating a high-standard and harmonious workplace environment. That concern earned it a No.1 placing in the 20-strong Chemicals and Chemical Engineering Category of the 2019 Happy Business Awards sponsored by 1111 Job Bank. Winning these two major awards in the same year shows that CPC’s caring endeavors, both internal and external, have been widely recognized – something which the company would like to make it universally known is deeply appreciated.