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CPC is working on the development of high-value carbon materials, with a view to starting up a new, high-tech business

25 Nov 2019

CPC is a supporter of the circular economy concept and is putting this to good effect in the R&D initiative described here, which will also serve to raise the company’s level of competence in high-tech manufacturing. The process used in this endeavor takes as its feedstock the final residue from processing crude in CPC’S two oil refineries to produce materials that will be incorporated into, among other uses, energy storage devices and those containing products made from refined asphalt. In the first case, CPC has developed proprietary soft carbon materials, which are highly suitable for the batteries that power electric motorcycles. In the second instance, the refined asphalt can be used in manufacturing high-capacity artificial graphite components for a range of electronic products. These super-capacitance materials allow high-volume input and output in a very short space of time; and have further uses in such other high-value applications as mid- or high-modulus carbon fibers and active carbon spheres. Each of these versatile materials has a variety of product applications and collectively they present CPC with a business opportunity that is potentially both profitable and ethical.