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"Diamond water" from CPC's Yong-An LNG plant helps local fish farmers make more money

19 Nov 2019

CPC’s Yong-An plant near Kaohsiung handles imported LNG. Shipped as a liquid at -162C, it must be converted back to a gas for distribution and use. The process of vaporization is conducted by means of a heat exchanger, in which large volumes of cleaned and filtered seawater circulate and become chilled while warming up the LNG. It will subsequently be discharged as ‘cold drainage’ and its temperature of 22-24C makes it ideal for aquaculture.

This clean, chilled water is provided on request and free of charge to fish farmers in the Yong-An area. It has been found to raise the growth rate of fish by up to15% and is accordingly regarded as so valuable by the local people that they call it “diamond water”. As such, it has helped the grouper fish farmed in the district to earn their renowned reputation.