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CPC sponsored the 40th anniversary celebration of its subsidiary OPIC, in which there was sharing of its experiences in oil and natural gas exploration and production overseas

18 Nov 2019

The Overseas Petroleum and Investment Corporation (OPIC), a CPC subsidiary, had been established for 40 years come 9 October. A celebration of the event took place on that date in the CPC Taipei office building, hosted by OPIC Chairman Ming-Huei Chen, CPC Chairman Jerry J. R. Ou and CPC President Shun-Chin Lee in the presence of many guests. Former CPC Chairmen Wen-Yen Pan and Shao-Hua Chu shared their respective experiences of investment, plant construction and operational start-up at the Qatar Fuel Additives Company Limited (QAFAC), while former CPC President Paul Liy-Wei Chen recounted his tales of leading the oil exploration and production team’s operations in the Republic of Chad. A former CEO of the Exploration &Production Business Division, Jung-Chang Wu, told the story of his involvement in the acquisition by OPIC of equity participation in both the two big LNG projects in Australia and in oil and natural gas fields in Niger. These former senior executives shared to the full their successes on behalf of OPIC, which as their legacy are making a significant and ongoing contribution to the continuing effectiveness of CPC’s worldwide operations.