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CPC's National Day float featured a whale, symbolizing Taiwan's green energy industry heading for global excellence

18 Nov 2019

In the 2019 Double Ten National Day parade, the CPC float was themed around ‘clean energy for a sustainable home’. Fresh flowers were used to make the float into the form of a whale symbolizing Taiwan, because of the similarity in shape. Mounted on its body were images from the company’s range of activities such as an LNG plant, a smart green energy gas station and more. A blue hem around the float’s rim symbolized the world’s oceans and a whale’s ability to swim freely in them - in much the same way as CPC will lead Taiwan’s green energy industry in sailing across the seven seas to demonstrate its excellence.


CPC’s three well-known and cute mascots – the CPC Doll, the Green Dragon and Ou-Li the Energy Doll – were there on the float, waving to the crowds watching the parade. Also aboard it were about 30 company employees, holding placards and dancing to pop music to show their enthusiasm and energy - along with the message that green and clean energy will bring all of us a more pleasurable environment.