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CPC is Taiwan's first flag-bearer in the prestigious ACES Awards

14 Otc 2019

CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) was founded in 1946. Its core business is that of oil and natural gas: exploration and production; global procurement and import; refining, storage and distribution; downstream sales and marketing; and the manufacture of petrochemical raw materials. Under the New Southbound Policy (NSP) promulgated by Taiwan’s present government since 2016, CPC is active in pursuing opportunities for both trade and investment in ASEAN member countries. So as CPC grows its footprint across Asia, this timely recognition by the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability organization (ACES) is particularly welcome. The hope is that this success story, shared through the ACES winners' platform, will in the coming years inspire more companies from Taiwan to compete for awards - thus helping to enhance their country’s NSP market presence as well as their own reputation.


CPC was honored with the Green Innovation Award, this category being featured for the first time in the ACES 2019 event. The company’s commitment to sustainable development and its integration into their values and policies date back to 2003, since when it has demonstrated consistent engagement in and promotion of energy conservation, emissions reduction, environmental protection and ecological preservation throughout its corporate programs. A further award, making a double win for CPC, came from its inclusion in the Asia’s Most Influential Companies category. Both awards were received by Chao-Yu Chen, Deputy Director of CPC’s Department of Planning, on behalf of the company.   


CPC lends practical support to the circular economy concept by turning petrochemical by-products previously regarded as industrial waste and used as fuel into value-added products – like the soft carbon now used as anode material for lithium-ion batteries. The company is also hard at work on transforming its conventional gas stations into smart green ones, each time in three aspects. Firstly, Energy Capacity uses clean energy forms such as natural gas and solar panels to generate green power to run the site’s facilities ; secondly, Energy Storage denotes the concept of using batteries to hold surplus green power; lastly, Energy Use describes the business model whereby the gas station provides battery charging and exchange services for electric vehicles. Further to that, CPC plans to install one thousand electric vehicle charging and battery exchange points in its gas stations within the next three years. Moreover, the firm will build a center for amassing and analyzing big data as a decision-making platform in its drive to raise the level of customer service.

 14 Otc 2019

CPC Corporation, Taiwan aims to provide its customers with reliable energy products and services of superior quality, as a key contribution to Taiwan's economic prosperity.