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The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Justice respond positively to the business community's suggestions for promoting industrial development

17  Sep 2019

Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Ministry of Justice, CPC, the MOEA’s Industrial Development Bureau and other government-linked agencies gathered to confer with a varied group of industrialists on the subject of industrial development in southern Taiwan. The venue was the Hongnan Activities Center on the site of CPC’s former Kaohsiung Refinery and the agenda included such issues as the MOEA’s role in improving Taiwan’s internal investment environment; and finding simple, practical and convenient ways of organizing efforts to help Taiwan’s many different industries upgrade their skills and transform their business model. In addition, there was discussion of the component elements required in establishing protocols for preventing the misuse of their powers by public officials for private gain; and further debate on how to encourage them to discard such unproductive concepts as reducing input, sometimes to zero, so as to make fewer – or even no – mistakes. Instead, it was agreed, they should be motivated to serve the public with a positive attitude and to the limit of their ability, without violating the applicable laws and regulations.