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To mark CPC's 73rd year: a promotion giving back to the consumer - get three times the points when you buy gas

2 July 2019

CPC’s celebration of its 73rd anniversary was held in the morning of 31 May in the 1st floor auditorium of the company’s Taipei office building, with Chairman Ou Chia-Jui presiding. The opening ceremony took the form of a foot-tapping dance number featuring CPC employees bringing to life the company’s three popular mascots – the little gas pumper, the green dinosaur and Ole the Energy Baby. Commendations including the Petroleum Industry Talent Award went to those who had performed above and beyond expectations, as well as to the outstanding colleagues who take responsibility for workplace safety and environmental protection; the organizers of the CPC Million CC blood donation drive were also recognized, as was the winner of the CPC Golden Flame award for making a short film. All in all, these happenings made for a festive and memorable event.