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CPC launches its network of smart green gas stations with a demonstration site in Chiayi

Mar 04, 2019


CPC is Taiwan’s pre-eminent energy enterprise and so is involved in promoting public awareness of the transformation of the country’s energy mix that is under way – how it is sourced, produced, stored and used. As a demonstration of how that works in practice, on January 23 the company unveiled the first working model of its Smart Green Gas Station Project - Phase 1 at its Xinyi Road site in Chiayi City.  The source is solar and the power is generated by roof-mounted photo-voltaic panels; the electricity is then stored in the lithium ion batteries of the site’s Energy Storage System. Finally, it will be regulated through the on-site smart Energy Management System, supplying the power required to operate the gas station and provide a recharging and battery exchange service for electric vehicles. Apart from presenting the blueprint for CPC’s future network of smart green gas stations, this demonstration also serves to showcase the company’s ability to respond effectively and appropriately when facing the challenge of transformation.