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Smart & Green Energy, Innovative Material, Low Carbon Living, Circularity & Sustainability

A Research Presentation on Green Energy and Refining by the CPC Corporation, Taiwan

Feb 27, 2019

To demonstrate their research results in fields including green energy and refining, the Green Technology Research Institute and Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute of CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) held the 2018 Results Presentation at the Hong-Nan Activities Center of Kaohsiung Refining Business Division today (the 27th). Representatives from the industry, government, academia, and research fields, legislators from central and local governments, and a cadre from the Taiwan Petroleum Workers’ Union were invited and expected to share the opportunity for interaction, observation, and exchange among these partners through this presentation, and thus enhance further communication as well as apply the results to industry.


In line with the energy policy of the central government and the development goal and strategy of local government and the corporations, CPC instructed “Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute” and “Green Technology Research Institute” to actively integrate R&D resources. Their purpose was to achieve innovative development and devote themselves to research topics such as energy-saving & carbon reduction, green energy, high-value added petrochemical products and environmental protection & biotechnology to create high-value added and differentiated products as well as accelerate the industrialization of innovative technologies.


Based on four exhibition themes, including “Smart & Green energy,” “Innovative material,” “Low carbon living” and “Circularity & sustainability,” CPC selected results from fields like energy storage devices, green energy and innovative materials. The presentation showed various research results by 21 presenters and demonstrations of 18 actual products. We expected to enable technological communication and guidance with guests, experts and scholars through the on-site explanations of the research team, and further improve the matching of innovative technology marketization as well as create a hassle-free communication platform for industry and academia.


Discussion topics in this presentation included CPC smart gas stations with green energy, the development of process technology and new products, and the technology of green energy integration. The presentations demonstrated results such as battery, solar photovoltaic technology development, natural gas and the application of local red algae. The exhibition of results comprised solar power cloud monitoring alarm & maintenance management systems, the development of pressure relief herbal teas, the development of new local raw materials for biotechnology, brown rice products, the development of high-end carbon application technology, amorphous carbon and prototypes.


The Green Technology Research Institute and Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute of CPC Corporation, Taiwan have been consistently devoting themselves to development and innovation to further enhance technologies including the development & use of resources, renewable energy, energy-saving & carbon reduction, performance increase and industrial safety & environmental protection. CPC will continuously drive green energy transformation, improve green innovation in technology, products and services, show the efficiency of circular economy and seize new opportunities from various sustainable living topics.