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SNC Products

Provide oil products and steadily supply the market.


CPC’s Solvent and Chemical Business Division produces and sells a wide range of solvents and chemicals for both domestic and industrial use across a diversity of processes:-
Petroleum Ether : a blowing agent for cellular plastics; an extraction agent for lac wax, medicines and essential oils; and a fast-evaporating solvent for adhesives.
Cleaning Naphtha : used to remove oil, grease and paint; to clean machine components; to degrease leather; and as a thinner for adhesives, printing inks and paints.
High flash Aromatic Naphtha – 100 and 150 : a powerful solvent, widely used in the formulation of paints, varnishes and other coatings. In industry, it is often used as a solvent for insecticides, wood preservatives, artificial resins and textile dyes.
Toluene (Industrial Grade): a solvent for various kinds of resins such as polyalcoholic acid, Melamine, phenolic formaldehyde, urea and formaldehyde; a solvent for shellac, paints, enamel, varnish and adhesives; and a thinner and dilutant.
Xylene (Nitration Grade): a solvent for a range of resins including polyalcoholic acid, Melamine, phenolic formaldehyde, urea and formaldehyde; a solvent for shellac, paints, varnish, adhesives, printing inks and insecticides; and feedstock for petrochemicals.
Crude Octene: used as a raw material in manufacturing DINP plasticizers.
Methyl Alcohol: used in manufacturing a range of materials including formaldehyde, formic acid, inorganic acid esters, organic acid esters, refrigerant, cleaners, perfume and photo film.
NORMAL PARAFFIN: used in manufacturing biodegradable linear alkyl benzene, which itself is a raw material in surfactant detergents. It is also used in making chlorinated paraffin, a kind of plasticizer for PVC; and is a constituent material of green lamp-oil and low-toxicity washing solvent.
Viscosity-Graded Asphalt Cement (AR): all grades of asphalt for road and parking lot applications: cutback asphalt, emulsifying asphalt, modifying asphalt and waterproof winding material for modifying asphalt.
Sulfur: used in manufacturing of sulfuric acid for bleaching; rubber industry processes; manufacturing of agricultural and other chemicals; manufacturing firecrackers, black gunpowder and fireworks.