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2022-10-27ECCT and CPC co-published the “Net Zero by 2050: The Best Practice Report”
2022-10-27CPC’s joint venture, the NiMiC Ship Management Co. Ltd., cultivates the first Taiwanese chief engineer of an LNG ship
2022-09-22CPC signed a Global Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Schlumberger
2022-08-13CPC participates in the “2022 Asian-Pacific Forum & Exposition for Sustainability”. Chairman Lee Shun-chin, acts as shop manager for a day
2022-08-12CPC was honored three awards of the “2022 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards” (TSAA)
2022-07-21CPC Corporation, Taiwan won three honors in the "2022 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards"
2022-06-12CPC receives Taiwan’s first shipment of carbon offset crude oil
2022-05-11CPC Upgrades its Gas Station Self-Service Pumps
2022-05-03CPC creates Slow Learning, Carefully Working workplace, and guards the Slow -Flying Angels which won the first prize in the "Education Promotion Category" of the "Global Views Monthly" Corporate Social Responsibility Award
2022-04-08EIA Conference Approves Extension to Third LNG Receiving Terminal Project. CPC will Endeavor to Consolidate its Commitment to the Third Receiving Project and Co-prosperity with the Environment
2022-03-30CPC Corporation Obtains 49% Working Interest in Mining Areas of Somaliland
2021-12-10Carbon Neutral Ethylene Sales
2021-11-19CPC won Top Sustainability Advocates in Asia and Outstanding Leaders in Asia from the prestigious ACES Awards
2021-11-19CPC's "World Toilet Day" Cleanup Campaign "CPC stations, near to convenience"
2021-11-05CPC Corp., Taiwan signed an MOU with China Steel Corp. to work together on carbon-reduction technologies
2021-11-01CPC Corporation, Taiwan has received its first cargo of carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG) of the year from Eni Group, Italy.
2021-10-22CPC won eight prizes of the National Brand Yushan Award include two National First Prize with the 95 Unleaded Gasoline and Smart & Green e-Stations
2021-10-04“CPC Marilube Oil CO-1000 Plus” serial products gain validation from J-ENG
2021-10-01CPC Corporation, Taiwan signed a long-term SPA to purchase LNG from Qatar Petroleum
2021-09-02CPC Corporation, Taiwan won two awards at the "2021 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards, AREA"