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2024-05-20Celebrating Earth Day: CPC Offers Saplings to the Public and Calls For Plastic Reduction and Environmental Conservation
2024-04-16Newly Appointed Prime Minister of Eswatini Russell Dlamini Leads a Delegation to CPC’s Taoyuan Refinery
2024-02-16The Exploration & Production Research Institute, Green Technology Research Institute, and Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute of CPC announced their research results
2024-02-07New book, Translation at Kaohsiung Oil Refinery (published by CPC) reanimates the glory of Shisui Monthly, telling the stories of the dedications of the translators across three generations
2024-01-26CPC makes clean sweep of prizes in the “Gas Station Category” of the Outstanding Public Toilet Awards sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment
2023-12-05CPC mobilized to clean toilets for World Toilet Day, Welcoming People to “CPC and to Relieve yourself.”
2023-12-01CPC wins big with 11 Awards at The Global Corporate Sustainability Forum
2023-11-15CPC wins 11 prizes at the 20th National Brand Yushan Awards, breaking record for number of awards won
2023-10-30Grand opening of Infant Daycare Center for CPC employees provides a friendly workplace and quality infant daycare environment.
2023-10-03The 2023 CPC joint beach cleanups – “Sustaining the Ocean: Oil for you and me.” Four beach cleanups were held simultaneously in four different areas of Taiwan
2023-09-21Taiwan Sugar Corporation allied with CPC Group – State-Run enterprises collaborate to create a win-win situation.
2023-09-01The Australian Government approves CPC Corporation, Taiwan 10% of work rights to explore the Dorado oil field and neighboring blocks
2023-08-07CPC, Taiwan wins seven awards at the “2023 Asian-Pacific Sustainability Action Awards” (APSAA) Award presentation ceremony
2023-07-20CPC, Taiwan wins two awards from the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards, AREA, with President and Chairman Shun-Chin Lee also winning Responsible Business Leadership award
2023-06-15From 0 to ∞ – CPC’s new generation of energy: The launching of the Guangming Charging Station Complex in Hsinchu
2023-04-20CPC Corporation, Taiwan signed an MOU with Ormat-International Inc., to jointly develop geothermal energy and achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050
2023-03-15The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Eswatini and delegates visited CPC Taoyuan Refinery
2023-03-06CPC has acquired 10% interest in the Dorado oil field and nearby exploration permits in Australia
2023-01-10CPC Corporation, Taiwan signed an MOU with GreenFire Energy Inc. to work together to develop geothermal energy projects
2022-11-19CPC Gives back to society and won ACES Community Initiatives Award- Promoting Public Toilet Culture at gas stations in Taiwan